ByHeart Becomes Cross-Platform, Unicode, and Portable

It took a bit tooooo long time to launch the new version of ByHeart. But finally this is done. The version is not a final release, or beta. This is a kind of techology preview. I'd like to gather user feedback and find some development support before making further efforts to mature the product.

The new version consists of two fundamental parts:

  • ByHeart 2007 - the vocabulary editor with unicode support, implemented as a Windows application;
  • ByHeart Script - the in-browser framework for viewing and learning vocabularies, available as the JavaScript library, compatible with any W3C DOM-enabled browser;

The main idea of the new version is to utilize the existing ByHeart vocabularies and convert them into two new formats:

  • bhu is the ByHeart Unicode format; it is binary and proprietary;
  • js - is the open, plain-text format; this is just a JavaScript file in utf-8 encoding;

ByHeart 2007 is capable of converting conventional bh2-files into bhu-files and js-files.

ByHeart Script and js-vocabularies can be run in almost any browser with a decent JavaScript support and W3C DOM compatibility. It was tested under Internet Explorer, Firefox, and NetFront (PDA). Anyway, the browser list should be verified.

More information regarding the product is available in the following sections:

ByHeart home sites:


Any help with testing and tuning ByHeart Script in various browsers is highly appreciated.

Since the number of learning methods reworked in JavaScript is limited so far any voluntary contributions from JavaScript developers will be very valuable.

As a non-profit project, ByHeart 2007 is seeking for a free, ad free, condition free hosting of the site with a decent connection speed, in exchange for ByHeart acknowledgements (expressed on the site).

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